Bose Ipod Docking Station

Bose Ipod Docking Station

The Bose iPod docking station is specially designed to enhance the music experience of your iPod. With this innovative product, you can turn your portable iPod in to a home entertainment system at a mere fraction of the cost. The Bose iPod docking station is designed to be a sleek futuristic device that will easily compliment the design scheme of just about any room.

The Bose iPod docking station is not simply an amplifier for your iPod. It will play your favorite music tracks with great clarity and impressive sound quality to allow you a musical experience like no other. Users who have had the opportunity to experience this product have stated that the musical experience is quite an amazing one when the iPod is paired with a Bose iPod docking station. Some users have even claimed to be able to hear subtle areas of your favorite songs with a definite edge of realism and vitality that has never been delivered before. It was claimed by most users that the device gives out zero distortion even when the volume is turned up as high as it can go.

When it comes to the operation of a Bose iPod docking station, it is quite a simple process requiring only for the iPod to be plugged in to the device. The docking connector of you iPod can easily and perfectly fit in to the Bose iPod docking station to start delivering some impressive music in next to no time.

The Bose iPod docking station is built to fit in a shelf. The unit being fairly small and weighing just 4.6 pounds, it is able to fit is just about any shelf available in any room of your house. The device comes in black or white and will have no trouble complimenting any colour scheme and integrating perfectly into any design scheme without cluttering or awkwardly standing out.

The one drawback of the device is the remote. It communicates with the Bose iPod docking station via infrared and will work perfectly from even across the room. But when it comes to iPod functions, the iPod itself has to be handled to take care of them as the remote cannot control things like the changing of songs or switching from playlist to playlist. However, the remote is small and is fitted with a battery which is built to last about two years and has the ability to communicate with the Bose iPod docking station even when not directly pointed at.

The Bose iPod docking station also comes with the ability to function as an alarm that will definitely wake up even the heaviest sleeper on time. It is available at all local electrical stores.